VWArtclub Forum TOP 10 weekly projects - week 28

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We present the best works from VWArtclub community.

VWArtclub is an active 3D community for more than 10 years, well known for the typical “Quality Standards” it sets while receiving a 3D project. With more than 135K members from all over the world, it accepts whatever is related to 3D Art. In 2018, it started handling the famous weekly TOP10 process which, through the years, was transformed into a compilation of inspirational series, according to the topic of the best-received projects.

It consists of 4 main categories (Exteriors – Interiors – Animation – Mixed) and several subcategories, inspired by our creative field and photography. Join the VWA Facebook *Group, post your projects and you never know, as you may be the next promoted artist on both Evermotion's and VWArtclub's social media network!

TOP 10 weekly projects on VWArtclub Forum. Category: Mixed | Visual Objects.


Crimzen by Jesus Selvera



Cake by Aisha Saad.



Watch concept Tesla by Irakli Shubashikeli.



CGI - Filtro de Barro by Ricardo Barreto.



Adidas Forum Mid by Filipe Reis.



Sci-fi Elements by Benjat Isufii.



The Typewriter by Qutaibah Milhem.



DW-5600E by Jedrzej Sobkiewicz



In a Meeting Room by Edgard Vizcarra.



CGI - Cardigan Furniture by Bilal Mansuri.




Author: VWArtClub Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: gallery
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VWArtclub Forum TOP 10 weekly projects - week 15

We present the best works from VWArtclub community.


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