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Substance 3D is now a part of Adobe Substance 3D Collection.

Adobe has launched Substance 3D tools. Following Adobe's acquisition of Mixamo, along with its Allegorithmic and Medium acquisitions in 2019, Adobe has  been focused on and investing in 3D. The new suite is an evolution of previous Adobe 3D creative apps. The four apps (Adobe Substance Painter, Designer, Sampler and Stager) include a library of 3D assets and textures.

Adobe acquired Allegorithmic because of the potential it saw in the future of 3D technology. Since then, Adobe has been working on expanding Substance 3D.

Substance 3D suite includes four new tools and an expanded ecosystem. 


New app included in the package is Substance 3D Stager, which lets you assemble models, materials, and lighting in a 3D scene and produce virtual photographs and renderings. It is built on the foundation of Adobe Dimension. It gets a big boost from machine learning.




Painter, Designer, Sampler

You get also Substance Painter, Designer and Sampler in the package.  Substance Sampler is the new name for  Substance Alchemist. Adobe decided to rename the software, probably to show it's primary designation - creating and mixing textures from photographic sources. 



The next tool is Modeler, which will soon be available for private beta. Modeler connects virtual reality and desktop for a more immersive design process and organic sculpting.

On top of that there is 3D Asset Library, an expanded library of thousands of customizable 3D assets. The toolkit also provides access to Creative Cloud’s fonts library, storage, and more.

All the apps were rebranded with Adobe logo style in a new green colour designed for the 3D apps.

Adobe offered also new rental licensing plans

  • Substance tools plus 30 downloads of assets and 100gb of storage are available as Substance 3D Texturing plan for $19.99 per month.
  • The new Substance 3D Collection with Substance Stager and Modeler with 50 3D assets a month and 100GB of cloud storage are priced at $49.99 per month for individuals and $99.99 per month for companies, but there’s currently a 20% discount off those prices, so it is now at $39,99. 


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