Forest Pack 7 beta is out now

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This release includes the ability to scatter lights and other non-geometric objects. 

There’s plenty more, including tools for colour correcting all the assets in a scatter, the ability to use and control animated objects in Corona, support for exporting to real-time engines, a rewritten library browser, loads of usability improvements, a much more useful Reference mode, more stable scattering on animated surfaces, etc.




  • Scattering Lights - The Items List now accepts non-geometric objects, including lights, splines and more. V-Ray & Arnold. It's not possible to animate or change the distribution. Items are scattered as in frame 0. Forest Colour can only be used to randomise the tint value of mesh lights. Corona Renderer & Octane. fully supported, no limitations. Other engines may be supported in the future.
  • A 'Non Geometric Object' option has been added to the Geometry rollout. When enabled, the object is handled as a non-geometric object. Forest will try to instance it keeping the original format, instead getting a mesh. (For many objects this is not necessary and Forest will detect the correct format automatically). 
  • Colour Correction - New colour correction tools allow the user to adjust Hue Shift, Saturation and Brightness for all "Forest Color" textures used by the object. The effects can be disabled for specific textures by turning off Apply Color Correction in a Forest Colour map.
  • New Libraries (coming soon) Several new Libraries are available as follows:
    • New Hedge Library of 89 presets. Two types are available, linear presets that distribute hedges along a spline, and Topiary presets that use a surface to create bushes of any shape. 
    • New Stumps Library of 40 photoscanned assets. Optimised presets are also included for scattering over large areas.
    • The3DGarden samples are now integrated into Forest Pack, creating a free and growing collection of high-quality plants. 
  • Animation - Animation modes are now supported in Corona.
  • Scattering over animated UV Surfaces is improved to generate a more consistent result during the animation. 
  • Real time supported by Project Lavina.
  • Unity compatible, export through new Forest Tools options and import to Unity (using a new experimental plugin package available by clicking here.)
  • Using References. Reference mode has been improved with the following features:
    • Multiple Items per face.
    • The ability to randomise each items position on the marker.
    • The ability to filter markers by material ID.
    • The ability to select multiple references from a scene using Max’s pin stack option.

read more about Forest Pack 7 Beta on iToo ForestPack page.

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