UV-Packer 3 is now free

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3d io released new version of unwrapping software and it is available for free.

Top image by Caecilia-Isabella Glaas

UV-Packer is a free, fast and exact tool for automatic packing of UV clusters. It is a one-click answer to the laborious work of sorting and compressing unwrapped polygons into UV sheets.

The software is geared to the needs of 3D artists, game studios, arch-viz, photogrammetry, industry and 3D product designers. It can deal with extreme high-polygon assets and thousands of UV clusters with ease.

Developer claim that it is faster then any alternative when it comes to packing million-polygon heavy scenes with thousand of UV clusters.

Right now you can download UV-Packer 3 for 3ds Max, soon there will be also free version available for Blender.




Author: PR Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: uv blender unwrapping 3dsmax
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xspace121:06:33  |  04-09-2020
It seems that it is a part of a new business strategy to annoy loyal clients. The prices are absolutely exaggerated for a small plugin. For users who don't have 10 projects a month is this not affordable. Same with Vray - updates exaggerated!


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