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Download a timelapse of 300 unclipped hdri frames for free.

Grzegorz Wronkowski shares a pack of 300 unclipped 10K hdri frames which can be used as HDRI timelapse / animate environment on CC-BY terms.

Pack is rather huge (17.1GB) so downloading can take some time. There is a link to mediafire available, you do not need to register. there is also an alternative link to author's site that you can use if you log in. 

Downloading links are available from here:

I created this hdri timelapse set using Nikon D800, Promote Controler and 10 stops ND filter attached to Sigma 8mm circular fish eye lens. For proper white balance and profile I used X-Rite Color Checker. All 300 hdri maps (32 bit .exr files) were captured every 5 seconds, but in fact because of shooting in brackets of 5 shots, and camera memory buffer it was between 5-8 seconds in reality.
All processed RAW files were exported to 16-bit tiffs (around 300GB of data in files). I have written quick Python script to find out missing frames and finally merged all flat tiffs into 32-bit .exr files in Photomatix. I used PTGui to batch transform all frames into equirectangular format. - Grzegorz Wronkowski


Author: Grzegorz Wronkowski Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: hdri timelapse hdr
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