3ds Meetup May 6th

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The 3ds London team broadcasting live from London with international guests and presenters.

Here's an overview of the May broadcast show. For more info please visit a website, www.3dsmeetups.com




Ioanna Ivanova, Joshua Newman, Fabrice Bourrelly, Nigel Hunt

Emma Fairchild, Eric Anton, Fabio Palvelli, Giada Filippetti, Hristo Velev, Jason Bergeron, Kim Lee, Monika Butkutė, Nikos Nikolopoulos, Simon Moir, Tom Spall.


  • Assembly Studios - https://www.assemblystudios.com/
  • Bottleship VFX - https://www.bottleshipvfx.com/
  • ArteFactoryLAB - https://www.artefactorylab.com/en/

Guest Mixologists
A resident mixologist, Nikos Nikolopoulos will be mixing a signature cocktail with amazing lighting.


Author: 3ds London Editor: Michał Franczak
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