Test Drive the Phoenix FD 4 Beta

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The Phoenix FD 4 beta for 3ds Max and Maya is on the lot and waiting for you to taking it for a spin.

Phoenix FD is an all-in one solution for fluid dynamics. Simulate fire, smoke, liquids, ocean waves, splashes, spray, mist and more. This version is packed with new features to give you more control and further creative options in your fluid dynamics effects. Join the beta to be among the first to see what’s new, and share your feedback in the forums so we can make it even more awesome.

Phoenix FD 4 features:

  • New Voxel and Particle Tuners — Change each voxel and particle's properties during simulation, and use customizable conditions to create or delete particles.
  • Active Bodies — Float your objects over pools or wash them away in floods with basic rigid body simulation for Phoenix liquids.
  • Tex UVW — Transport texture coordinates along fluids during simulation and use them for advanced render-time effects.
  • Standalone Cache Preview tool — Load AUR, VDB and F3D cache files, preview them and save image sequences.
  • thinkingParticles integration* — We’ve added Phoenix operators for thinkingParticles, and you can now emit fluid via Phoenix sources from thinkingParticles geometries.

Phoenix is compatible with top industry tools such as OpenVDB, Alembic, Krakatoa and thinkingParticles.

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: phoenix 3dsmax vfx fluid smoke aprticles maya
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