Agisoft Delighter released

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Meet the new free stand-alone tool designed to remove shadows from model textures.

Agisoft De-Lighter is targeted on removing cast shadows and ambient occlusion from 3D models. It requires user input in a form of rough brush strokes marking lit and shadowed areas. All input can be provided within Agisoft Delighter without need for any extra data such as ambient occlusion maps. De-lighting algorithm is optimized for 8-bit JPEG compressed textures and does not require specific image formats with higher color depth.

Using this tool is easy - you just mark with brush places that are lit and those which are in shadow, only simple rough strokes are needed. De-Lighter does the rest.



You can download this tool from Agisoft webstie.

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
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DavidHamilton05:50:36  |  16-07-2019
This tool would make editing a whole lot easier as we all would know that shadows are really difficult to handle with the nooks and crannies to tackle. A simple work could end up taking so much more of our time than we would have initially expected.


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