HDR Light Studio Tungsten now available

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Lightmap has released a new update to HDR Light Studio.

Top image: scene by https://www.pk3d.com/

The Tungsten release adds a new Composites feature that allows the user to group lights and then control the properties of the group, isolate and edit individual lights, mask lights, clone and move areas of the HDRI map, combine different regions of multiple HDRI maps, and Dissect and take control of light regions in existing HDRI maps. The new feature also makes it possible to store multiple lighting designs in a single studio project. 




Also announced is a new pricing model. HDR Light Studio Tungsten is now offered in 3 bundles: Indie, Pro and Automotive. These all include HDR Light studio and the plugins to get it working with CAD and DCC apps. For Indie and Pro licenses, this includes connections with 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, MODO, LightWave3D, Houdini, Maxwell Studio, Rhino 3D, Octane Standalone, SOLIDWORKS Visualize. The Automotive bundle these connections plus VRED, DeltaGen and Patchwork 3D Connections.

The new lower-priced Indie licenses cost £95 for annual rental. Pro licenses cost £295 for a year of rental with the option of a permanent license for £895. Finally, automotive bundles start at £995 for a year of rental, but with no option of a permanent license. More info on HDR Light Studio - Tungsten page.

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
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