Allegorithmic releases Project Alchemist and Launcher

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New apps in 3d texturing software suite.

It’s now official: Project Substance Alchemist is available to subscribers. Allegorithmic announced the project at GDC 2018; after a year of hard work, and with the help of a restricted number of beta testers, developers give access to this new standalone software to the community. If you don't have Allegorithmic Subscription, you can download Project Alchemist via new Substance Launcher (you still will need active subscription to launch it).



The beta is open to indie and pro subscribers, as well as to students. Those who don’t fall into one of these groups, and who registered for the beta a year ago, will also get three months’ access to Project Substance Alchemist.

Substance Launcher

Allegorithmic also presents Substance Launcher! It will be a new hub where you can install the latest versions of the Substance tools, receive the latest news, and... get access to a full integration of Substance Source.




Substance Painter: Upcoming Features

  • Dynamic Strokes allow to create complex brushes with a behavior that change over time or can be randomized with each stroke
  • New planar projection to easily create and place decals
  • Displacement and tessellation support, along with the new Compare Mask feature, allow to blend materials using their height maps in seconds
  • Dynamic Strokes allow to create complex brushes with a behavior that change over time or can be randomized with each stroke

New features include radial symmetry, dynamic strokes (with plenty of new content added), Blend if (which allows you to mix several materials using height), 2 new projection modes (planar and spherical), displacement in Iray, displacement and tessellation in Real-Time OpenGL, and new functions in scripting API.

More info: read Substance GDC Keynote Annoucements.

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