Meshroom 2019.1 released

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The free open source photogrammetry application Meshroom has been updated to 2019.1.


  • 3D Viewer: Load and compare multiple assets with cache mechanism and improved navigation
  • Display camera intrinsic information extracted from metadata analysis
  • Easier access to a more complete sensor database with a more reliable camera model matching algorithm.
  • Attribute Editor: Hide advanced/experimental parameters by default to improve readability and simplify access to the most useful, high-level settings. Advanced users can still enable them to have full access to internal thresholds.
  • Graph Editor: Improved set of contextual tools with duplicate/remove/delete data actions
  • Nodes: Homogenization of inputs / outputs parameters
  • Meshing: Better, faster and configurable estimation of the space to reconstruct based on the sparse point cloud (new option estimateSpaceFromSfM). Favors high-density areas and helps removing badly defined ones.
  • Draft Meshing (no CUDA required): the result of the sparse reconstruction can now be directly meshed to get a 3D model preview without computing the depth maps.
  • MeshFiltering: Now keeps all reconstructed parts by default.
  • StructureFromMotion: Add support for rig of cameras
  • Support for reconstruction with projected light patterns and texturing with another set of images



Find out more about Meshroom on the AliceVision website

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: photogrammetry
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