Hum3D Car Render Challenge 2018 Winners Announced

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The best car visualizations of the annual Hum3D contest.

First place is Golden Trophy by Amaru Zeas

Also Amaru gets Special prizes from Autodesk team, Substance team, RedShift for the best lightning, and from the Textures for the best use of materials.

Made with using Maya, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer and Arnold Render.




  • Quixel: “Amaru gives us an evocative piece with wonderful little details”.
  • Substance: “Beyond the huge amount of work and the high technical skills, this image is telling a story. This is probably what is the most striking in this 3D rendering scene. Bravo Amaru!”.
  • Carrie Mok: “This is a beautiful scene, it’s emotive but subtle”.
  • Yuriki Lebedev: “Nice colors. Nice touch with kid and balloon as trophy. Good attention to details (like that wooden toy-car). Even skin and hair are not weak points of this realistic render”.
  • Guilherme Henrique: “Amazing storytelling, backed by competent technical execution. All the hard work put into textures, fabrics, shaders and lighting doesn’t outshines the main emotional plot present in the image. This is what makes a great image, and it’s done extremely well here. This artwork showcases in detail why texturing matters: Everything is subtle enough to not be distractive, but still highlighted to the point it improves the render in a meaningful way. From the tires to the wet floor and race suit; balance, cohesion and mood are the high points here. Beautiful work!”.


Second place is The Ultimate Ride by Cyprian Piotr Chojnacki

Made with using 3ds max, Vray, Richdirt, Itoo Forest Pack, Raiclone and Photoshop.




  • Fernando Tella: “It’s a pleasure to look at the WIP of this project; the artist for sure enjoys modelling and loves cars otherwise, he could not have done that terrific amount of detail. The resulting image is up to the level of the model and the mood of the image gets you ready for adventure. Awesome job!”.
  • Marco Traverso: “An image full of details that evokes the spirit of pure adventure: the peculiar choice of the car makes you wonder who the driver is, what he/she is up and in what year this is taking place”.


Third place is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by Taylor Cooper

Made with using Maya, Substance Painter, Pixar’s RenderMan and Photoshop.




  • Substance: “Composition is great, theme of toy car is really cool linking it to James Bond universe is awesome. Attention to detail is also crazy: Figurines paint, fingerprints, wood table… Congratulation Taylor”.
  • Carrie Mok: “What a great concept! Especially love the texture details on the box”.
  • Yuriki Lebedev: “I love this idea with toys acting like actors in movie around toy car. Also render looks realistic and pleasant: I can clearly see main object and read main idea”.
  • Zacharias Reinhardt: “The retro feel in this one is great. Storytelling combined with great visuals. The lighting and shading is flawless”.

We congratulate the winners! More info and special prizes on

Author: Hum3D Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: hum3d
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