ArchViz problems: Client asks for changes

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A short and funny video about communicating with arch-viz clients by Fabio Pallvelli.

Fabio Palvelli is an Italian designer living in Tel Aviv, bloger and founder of arch-viz D2 conference. Now he shares some thoughts about dealing with clients in a professional manner.

Some excerpts from the video:

  • If the client wants to make (in your opinion) wrong decision, try to understand his / her intentions. Clients pay you for telling them if what they think is right or wrong. Don't be afraid to be elaborative. Explain what will be the consequence of proposed changes and how much it will cost - time and money.
  • Propose alternative approach if you think that it will help to fullfill clients vision.
  • Make modifications for project for higher hourly rate than for making a project from scratch. 
  • Don't forget to sign the contract before starting your work.
  • Be precise about the amount of changes that are allowed regarding to contract.
  • After each change inform the client how many corrections he can propose before you will start to charge him extra



Watch the video!


Author: Fabio Palvelli Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: d2 fabio palvelli
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