Blender 2.79 released

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Denoiser, new PBR shader, Filmic color management and a lot more!

Main new features:

  • Denoiser - Get rid of render noise while preserving visual detail as well as possible. Same render time, buttery smooth.
  • cycles_denoiser_comparison_dweebs_before
  • cycles_denoiser_comparison_dweebs_after
Denoiser: before / after


  • PBR Shader - Based on the Disney model, the principled BSDF is a new surface shader node. Combining multiple layers into a single easy to use node.



  • Shadow Catcher - Combine CGI elements with real-life footage easily with the new Shadow Catcher feature for Cycles. Any object in the scene can be a shadow catcher. Controlled by the “Shadow Catcher” option in the object settings. This option will make the object to only receive shadows in a way that it could be composed onto another image.



  • Filmic Color Management - A new Filmic view transform has been added, for more photorealistic results and better handling of high dynamic range.
  • filmic_comparison_srgb
  • filmic_comparison_filmic
Filmic vs sRGB mode


  • Faster AMD OpenCL - Blender 2.79 features much faster AMD OpenCL rendering and feature parity with NVIDIA CUDA. Including support for Subsurface Scattering, Volumetrics and optimized transparent shadows.
  • Over 700 bugs fixed
  • Shaders compilation is now multithreaded, a new light sampling threshold feature was added, speedups up to 20% for CPUs that support AVX2, brick textures have now smoothing and a long-waited feature: texture coordinates for point, spot and area lamps!
  • New Modifier! Surface Deform, transfers motion from another mesh.
  • Displace Modifier: Multi-threading support and new Global/Local space option for X/Y/Z/XYZ directions.
  • Mirror Modifier: add offset for mirrored UVs.
  • Mesh intersect has a new Cut separate mode, keeping each side of the intersection separate without splitting faces in half.
  • New tool to Set custom normals from selected faces.
  • Improved center of mass calculation for mesh centers.
  • Pose library reordering and keying for selected bones only.
  • Better undo for frame changes.
  • Grease Pencil - New tools for interpolating between grease pencil frames. Per-layer onion skinning, add blank frame tool, and UI improvements.  Numpad keys now work when doing sculpt sessions. Operator to add a blank frame. Reproject Strokes option to project strokes onto geometry
  • New add-ons: Dynamic Sky, Archipack, Magic UV, Mesh Edit Tools, Skinify, Display Tools, Brush Menus, Btrace, Is Key Free, Turnaround Camera, Auto Mirror, Camera Rigs, Snap Utils Line, Add Advanced Objects, Export Paper Model, Kinoraw Tools, Stored Views, Render Clay, Auto Tracker, Refine Tracking Solution, Materials Library VX, Mesh Tissue, Cell Fracture Crack It.

More info and download:

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