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BASH is a film produced by Mainframe to celebrate the release of the MASH Dynamics node in Maya 2018.


Mainframe set out to create a selection of experimental, dynamic scenes using simple primitive shapes as the base objects. 

The project didn’t start out as R&D. What became quickly apparent was how effective this process was at exposing any bugs during development cycles. 

All these scenes were put together during the development of Maya 2018 so it’s entirely possible there are better ways of doing some of these things now we have a full release version. All scenes have been tested in the Maya 2018 release.

Additional resources:

Note - all scenes require Maya 2018. 


  • Director/Producer - Chris Hardcastle.
  • 3D Artists - Ben Black, Jack Brown, Matt Oxley, Alex Dorman.
  • Developers - Ian Waters, Martin Vejdarski.
  • Bleeps and Beats - Matt Oxley
Author: Mainframe Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: maya mesh
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