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New version of Keyshot comes with flexible UI and Workspaces. You now can save custom window and tab arangements. You can also customize ribbon, hide or tear-off tabs. Keyshot 7 is introducing new material library and material types. X-Rite measured materials are included, as well as anodized metals, cloudy plastic, metallic paint clear-coat, etc. Keyshot allows now for VR headset viewing in realtime. You can render cube map and spherical output. Developers included improved texture and label mapping.



Keyshot 7 comes with mapping improvements like better cylindrical mapping or a slider that blends seams. You can also use video map on your models (which is useful if you make smartphone or tablet renderings).

KeyShot 7 is focused on bringing more ways to create with the new KeyShot Configurator, Studios and real-time VR support. Users have more material possibilities with new material types and texture mapping, multi-materials and enhanced procedurals. With more lighting control KeyShot 7 now features Environment lists, HDR output and a new integrated HDRI Editor with interactive Sun & Sky. With more flexibility users now have UI, workspace and hotkey customization. And more real-time speed is provided in new workflow capabilities featuring a completely new sampling method, re-tessellation, adaptive performance mode, eight new render passes and more output capabilities to create renderings, animations and interactive visuals

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