Krita 3.0: The Animation Release

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Krita is the free and open source painting application used by artists all over the world.

You can now do proper frame-by-frame animation in Krita. Multiple layers, all sorts of playback speeds, onion skinning, on top of all of Krita’s existing paint tools: It’s enough to make any animator’s fingers itch!

  • Animatable raster layers – Animated raster images with frames, and use the time-line docker to order them. Works in all color spaces and depths as well!
  • Onion skinning – This allows you to have an overlay of the previous and next frames, an important assistant when going from rough animation to smooth animation!
  • Importing image sequence – Import any set of images as an animated layer, automatically sorted by naming scheme.
  • Exporting image sequence – Export the whole animation as an image sequence, for further processing in other programs.
  • New dockers – timeline docker, animation docker, and animation workspace
  • CSV import and export – for layered animation, for use with TV-paint, or Blender via a plugin, courtesy of Laszlo Fazekas
  • Spriter scml exporter – Make the base image in Krita and then export it to this powerful cut-out animation tool for games.

  • Caching for Animation playback – Proper animation playback, in all sorts of frame-rates, relative speed-ups
  • Instant Preview for Big canvases! – Utilizing the power of OpenGL 3.0 you can now draw smoothly with 1000 pixel width brushes!
  • Frame dropping – For slower devices, we implemented frame-dropping, so that you can always see your animation at real-time speed!

  • Simplified merging – One hotkey to rule them all!
  • Multi-Layer Mania – Krita 2.9 had multi-layer selection and dragging and dropping. We spent this release expanding this functionality with moving, on canvas-selecting, merging, duplicating and more!
  • Quick select layers – Select All/Visible/Locked layers, or select them on-canvas via Shift+R+Click
  • Mass editing layer properties – Instantly rename multiple layers, or change their blending mode, or opacity, or any other property.
  • Group multiple layers – Or create Clipping Groups or just ungrouping with hotkeys.

More info in Krita Release Notes.

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: painting krita concept
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