Grass Generator 1.5 released

Press release 2016-03-15 13:10 article  > Software

New version of 3ds Max plugin is out.


  • New scatter option: Mesh
  • Added control to specify blade segments
  • New addon script: PFlow2Proxy
  • BIGFIX: Width and Length spinner now have more range

Doing archviz work, you're bound to run in a situation where you're going to need some natural / organic elements to fill up your scene. Of course, there's a quite a few plant libraries available to buy, but sometimes it's nice to have techniques to make your own stuff. Not only is it cheaper, but it grants you more control over the final look of your renders.

Rather than modeling each individual blade, I found a way to get similar results using just modifiers. This, in turn, allowed for the process to be automated into a script. And so the Grass Generator was born. - Midge, The Mantissa

Scattering individual grass blades however, isn't very optimal in scenes where large areas need to be covered in grass. So after the blade creation algorithm was finished, it was time to add functionality to create patches of grass ready to be scattered with plugins such as Multiscatter or Forest Pack.

Author: Press release Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: grass
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