Hi Blender Artists,

After a process of development and endless efforts, we are so delighted to let you know that our render farm is officially releasing at https://3sfarm.io/. And, you can try it free on our web application.

Every feature we integrate into our render farm is the result of dedicated people working together to make ideas more useful. Everyone of 3S Cloud strives toward a common goal creating the best customer experiences. So we are constantly endeavoring to develop valuable ideas and to deliver convenient and pleasant experiences to our users.

In advance, our team would like to express our gratitude to our early users whose feedback has played an important role in our improvement. Now we can be confident to reveal that a lot of compliments, which are our inspiration, were given to us. However, our team always considers all of the suggestions we got and pays more attention to make our render farm better.

Start Rendering with 3S Cloud:


On the official release, we are happy to introduce some of our outstanding features as follows:

1. No queue & rendering speed is much faster
We found that one of the most drawbacks of Render Farm on the market is long queues, hence their limitation about the number of machines. This is the reason why we are here to tackle and to speed up your rendering. No longer have to wait for long queues, your scene files will be able to render immediately on our system.

2. Smart analysis
With a view to supporting our users to avoid errors and to enjoy fast rendering speed, we have set up a smart system to analyze and find out issues of their projects exactly. Missing assets or logs of your scenes files will be notified to you.

3. Free Preview Render
We understand that checking jobs before the official rendering is useful to our users, 3S Cloud allows you to render a preview for free. With this interesting feature, you can check the output as well as estimate the cost and the time it might take to render your jobs.

4. Budget Management
In order that you can manage budgets for your projects rendered on our Render Farm, we integrate the tool for budget management into our system. When the cost of your project is about to exceed the budget, the notification will be sent to your email address and your jobs might be paused if you want.

We believe in the possibility of all the innovative ideas we think of and rendering solutions we work out, a great number of interesting features are waiting for you to experience. With 3S Cloud, rendering is no longer a tedious task, but something for you to enjoy doing.

>>> Click here to register an account: https://console.3sfarm.io/auth/register

>>> If you need more information, our team is always pleased to assist you. Our email is hello@3sfarm.io

Your Satisfaction - Our Inspiration

Thank you!