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Here are the two brand new video links and descriptions:

cmiVFX has released a brand new Large Scale Set Extension Digital Matte Painting video with mentor Rohit Nayak. Explore the entire matte painting and set extension workflow from the first concept sketch to the final painting. Gain experience by creating CG assets and painting over a lighting render, which is a commonly used work process for environments in production. Rohit demonstrates many photo manipulation and digital painting techniques in a very comprehensive manner. This video discusses a complete production pipeline for handling large-scale environments. We'll be spending most of our time in Photoshop, but we'll also use Maya for the basic lighting information and to get the perspective matching the base plate. This video is for artists of many different skill levels, and will provide something for everyone.

Link: https://cmivfx.com/store/590-photosh...matte+painting
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cmiVFX has released the second video for their brand new three-part series on Houdini FX for simulation of real-time motion. In this video we'll start from where we left off in volume 1 by continuing to build our automobile rig digital asset. We'll begin by adding more detail to our automobile rig and we'll explore linear velocity and angular velocity. In order to build this real-time automobile simulation, one must understand the difference between these two types of velocity. We'll also add a Turbo Key to our asset so you can move faster. If you want your vehicle to stop, there are also strong brakes that we'll be adding. In the last chapter we'll use particles for the primary simulation and we'll explore particle nodes as they relate to our real-time project. This lesson is packed with some valuable knowledge that every one needs to know about controlling particle behavior. Enjoy Volume 2!

Link: https://cmivfx.com/store/594-houdini...ystem+volume+2
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