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 Project Manager

Project Manager

 Project Manager


The organization system allows to keep references to the same folder in different catalogs. For example you can put same folder of 3d models “Classic Chandeliers” to a catalog “Classics” and catalog “Lamps”. 

For more convenient job with libraries all information is presented in thumbnails view. The utility supports to viewing of all image formats supported by 3ds Max (such as HDRI, EXR, TGA, PSD, Vrimg and more). For libraries of models, materials and IES files by means of the utility you can generate thumbnails.

Much of the job with the utility is based at the most simple method – drag & drop, including work with IES photometrics files, materials and HDRI. You can drag and drop materials and textures directly into viewport, to objects, into Material Editor or modifiers in the Command Panel (for example, displace). In the same way you can quickly and easily fill catalogs tree – by dragging folders from Windows Explorer to the navigation panel of Project Manager.

Changes in version 2.5:

  • Redesigned the interface.
  • Increased the size of thumbnails up to 512px
  • Adds support to different screen dpi settings.
  • Displays more information about files.
  • Keeps original names for objects after merging.
  • Adds new function to API “PMpostrFileMerge”.
  • Fixes an issue with auto detecting the Corona as default renderer for materials and scenes.
  • Fixes a bug when 3ds Max freezes when interactive rendering materials.
  • Fixes a lot of bugs and issues with interface.



To work with already existing in the scene textures, materials and objects intended tab “Asset Files” (a direct descendant of FilePathFinder). On this tab are disposed all tools for find missing asset files, collect them and rename. Utility supports XRefs of all types and processes all XRefs scenes linked to current. Unlike all other such scripts, it really finds all resources (images, HDR-images, Proxy,PointCache, IES-files, shaders). Also on this tab, you’ll find tools designed to quickly find and edit the desired material or select an object which contain particular link.




Project Manager – the utility for organisation of files and work with them in the 3ds Max. It helps you with cataloging and using in your projects bitmaps, library of models and materials, IES photometric and HDRI files.


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