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Sims Residence 243685 243687 243686 3D walkthrough of the “Sims” was made for Joseph Paul. This project is a 3D walkthrough animation of a custom residence in modern style located in Oak Point, Denton County, TX. The video shows the house from all possible sides outside at the level of your eyes, that you can see even the tiniest details, such as bricks on the walls. Besides, you are presented with a real virtual tour of all the rooms inside the building from different angles to notice all the features of the interior. We create our 3D architectural walkthrough with special attention to all the wishes and edits of the client to make such a virtual walk as realistic and exciting as possible. “Sims” is designed with a strong sense of atmosphere and modern trends. We tried to follow you through this incredible tour and pay your attention to the most interesting characteristics of the residence.

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