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Hi everyone, I want to share with you guys our latest work, it is an adaptation of MuBE (Museum of Sculptures and Ecology in Sao Paulo) a homage to Paulo Mendes da Rocha. I'm going to explain a little bit of our process if someone would be interested, but if not just skip to the video and images. ;) Idea: The project started small, as a modeling training session, but it grew and we saw the potential we had the idea of making this set of images to remember the one year of the passing of Paulo Mendes da Rocha. It was approximately 3 months of work so we could release it 23th May (the day he passed) Modeling: it was made using Cinema 4D based on plans and sections available online, but most of all comparing different photos and videos so we could make sure every corner was right. Shading: As we used corona 7 for this project, the decal options wasn't a thing yet, so to get all different kind of dirts in the walls/floors we used the layered materials, applying leakage bitmaps as masks and also using the corona distance from certain objects so we could get some specific forms, the more complex one have up to 5 layers. The water puddles on the floor were super easy to do with the clearcoat option, also applying masks and corona distance to specific areas where we did not want to have them. Lights: For the rainy scenes we used the PG HDRI, adjusting a little bit of contrast, and for the Sunny ones default Corona Sky and Corona Sun. Animated trees: Using the Forester Plugin and based on lots of references, each tree was animated individually, so we could get the best movement from each one of them. In total 9 different types of trees were used so we could get a diverse range of forms, movements and shadows. Rain and Raindrops: Despite the ripples in the water for the pond scene which we used a animated bitmap in the displacement slot of the water material, all the rain and rain drops were added in after effects using CC rainfall and stock videos of raindrops tracked and masked on the floors. Sound: we invited Jose Alberto Gomes, a local sound artist from Porto to collaborate on MuBE. Graphic: made by Ines Nepomuceno a graphic designer from Porto Well, I think that's it! We enjoyed working on it, hope you like it too! Ps: watch it full with sound on ;) 89BGuHsBYz0

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