Terrarium: A Tiny Secret Garden

Hello everyone. My name is Neil Skinner, and I am a freelance CG artist. This is my initial posting of my take on 'The Secret Garden' Project. I felt that in order to best convey a 'secret' garden, that I should build a garden in a tiny glass bottle or enclosure of some sort. I also wanted it to be held in a pair of hands to give it some size perspective. After initial tests though, I decided to ditch the hands concept for an indoor desk scene in, say, an artist's studio. I wanted the surrounding elements to convey a sense of scale for the miniature terrarium. It worked quite nicely, I think. I have titled my Project 'Terrarium: A Tiny Secret Garden'. I had an old asset of a bonsai tree that I used as a basis to model a Japanese inspired 'Zen' garden. I then scaled that asset down to fit inside of a lightbulb, sitting on a stack of magazines on a desk in a studio. I hope I have made the right choices with the elements and scene setup for this project. For Rendering I have used Renderman 21.2, utilizing the UPBP (Unified Points, Beams, Paths) integrator, and have created 32 customized shaders for this project. Modeling,Scene Setup, and Lighting were done in Maya 2016.5. Models were obtained through various sources, including Evermotion Archmodels vol. 160, TF3DM.com, Full Sail University Alumni, myself, SpeedTree Cinema 7.0.5, Turbosquid.com. My first post is of some of the reference images that I have collected and used for inspiration for this project.

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