Street summer - evermotion challenge 2014

Here are my first ideas for the challenge, I've decided to go for an exterior image showing how a homeless man lives the summer and how the city transforms into his beach side, the place for the scene will be the city of Sao Paulo which is a big concrete jungle with beautiful and colorful graffiti and tropical vegetation that will help set the summer mood in the image. I want to insert summer elements in the form of graffiti maybe some fish images and also with a big dumpster with summer themed garbage. I attached some reference images that I collected and a collage that will serve as a first sketch to base the scene on. I want to set up all the elements so that the sidewalk represents the beach and the street the ocean, with some water and reflections of the big buildings from around the place. Another idea that I might explore is to add some surreal elements like trying to transform parts of the street into actual ocean water with some visible fish and algae or something like that.

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