Evermotion Render Competition by FACTORY FIFTEEN

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angel314120:41:46  |  04-02-2010
very good, I can send your project in 3d max because I'm starting to use the program and will not come so presentations or at least send me a photo of the vray Parameters that were used my email is angel3141@hotmail.com
FACTORY FIFTEEN00:42:09  |  06-02-2010
hey thanks, ill track down the file and send it you when i have a bit more time on my hands,
Arch.Hany04:22:17  |  03-05-2010
very nice image man keep up the good work can u tell me if u get those wood textures from a known source ( like cgtextures.com etc )
FACTORY FIFTEEN04:10:22  |  04-05-2010
im not sure where i got the textures im afriad, ive had them for a while. im sure you could find similar on teh web though, defo at cgtexture.com... good hunting :)
free_9112:12:51  |  29-03-2015
Hi, Your work is very good. I love it :). Is there a possibility to download the raw scene version of this work to allow me to improve my skills in the rendering: lights, materials, etc?


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