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Roberto Caal
Roberto Caal
CG artist Freelance | Guatemala, Guatemala
CG Artist & Founder en dp studio
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Roberto Caal
2020-04-15  |  03:43


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neerajubhayakar20:21:04  |  15-02-2014
Beautiful work, I just luv the ambience of this scene.. :)
neerajubhayakar20:27:55  |  15-02-2014
also just a small note..which id like to add,which could make your image look even better than it is.. There's something that i noticed is little odd which u could alter if possible the diamond shaped leaves which are in the top left corner area,that are in the foreground & the straight branch which is standing out in a Y formation, this is making is look little un natural..u could replace it with hq detailed leaves & a bit of a evenly and naturally shaped branch..
dpstudio19:27:57  |  06-03-2014
thank you very much for your comment .. best regards
Manuel Gonzalez Torrecillas15:47:09  |  19-10-2017
hello could you pass your dropbox link with the high models you posted in 2011 would appreciate it


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