End User License Agreement of Evermotion products

To use or distribute Archmodels, Archinteriors, Archexteriors, Archshaders, Textures4ever, HDmodels, 3Dpeople, tutorials (hereinafter referred to as an "Evermotion Products") you have to accept the terms and conditions set below. Evermotion s.c. grants a limited license to use Evermotion Products for any purpose, including commercial use and redistribution, excluding following restrictions:
  1. You can not resell or copy Evermotion Products (used in your project) for a third-party, which do not have its own license for Evermotion Products.
  2. You can use Evermotion Products as a part of a game if the products are in proprietary format and displayed inside the game during play. In this case, you have to add in the producer's section information that "models come from Evermotion"
  3. You can sell/resell rendered (moving or still) images, as a part of a movie advertisement, animation etc.
  4. You can publish your renders in a book, on a poster, t-shirt or any other item.
  5. You have a right to use your renders in any way - charge a fee for them, modify them.
  6. You are NOT allowed to use the renders in connection with the sale, resale or other commercial reproduction or distribution of images of the single models (archmodels)

We accept returns if the product contains a defect resulting from our failure (corrupted files, errors in the files, etc.). Exchange of collection or money refund is also possible if the customer has purchased a collection or model, but the files were not downloaded from customer zone. If you purchased an incorrect collection (an error in the choice of shopping, do not check the contents of a collection, format or number of polygons), and the files have been downloaded, we do not make the refund of payments or exchange for another collection.

This license is regulated and construed in accordance with the Polish law, and you agree to submit it to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Polish courts. You have to accept this agreement to be able to use Evermotion Products.

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