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Frequently Asked Questions - Evermotion




How can I extract 7zip files with numbers in extensions?
You need to follow these steps to correctly extract such files:
1. Download all files to one folder (do not change its names).
2. Use WinRAR or 7-zip for unpacking:
3. Unpack only the first file from each archive (the file with .001 extension). The rest of files will be unpacked automatically.


What can I do if my purchased 3d models are corrupted?
Contact us at with as many details of the problem as possible. We will also need the name of corrupted files, information about formats used and your software details. We will fix the models or give you money refund.



Do I have to register an account to make a purchase?
Yes, we require to register an account to make a purchase in our shop.


How can I pay for my order?
You can pay by Paypal, Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard) or Virtual Cash.


What is Virtual Cash?
We have a loyalty program created for our clients. Click here to check how you can collect and spend Virtual Cash.


How can I receive purchased products?
You can download it from your Customer Zone, just log in to your account.


Is there tax added to the price of the products?
No. Tax will be added during purchase. Tax rate depends on the country you are making the purchase from.


What should I do if my VAT number is rejected?
VAT number is verified by external site which can be overloaded. You can wait and try again later or contact our support.


Payment was rejected - what can I do?
You can try to pay again, check if you have enough money on your account or contact your bank to check where is the problem.


Models are not suitable for me, can I get money refund?
We accept returns if the product contains a defect resulting from our failure (corrupted files, errors in the files, etc.). Exchange of collection or money refund is also possible if the customer has purchased a collection or model, but the files were not downloaded from customer zone. If you purchased an incorrect collection (an error in the choice of shopping, do not check the contents of a collection, format or number of polygons), and the files have been downloaded, we do not make the refund of payments or exchange for another collection.


How long are purchased models available in my Customer Zone?
You have timeless access to your purchased models in your Customer Zone.


How can I get the invoice?
The invoice will be issued after the purchase. It will be available to download from a Customer Zone a few days after the purchase.



Where can I find the End User Licence Agreement?
Licence is added to each product in our shop. You may also read it HERE.


Whether the license purchased for a company, can be used in another company where the owner is the same person?
Purchased collections can be used by the company, or by the person shown in the invoice. Hiring models, making them available to third parties and use in another unit than indicated on the invoice, is prohibited.


Do you provide educational licenses?

Yes, if you need our products for educational purposes please contact our Support for special discount. Here you can check our Educational License Agreement.



Can I delete my account?
Please log in ​and go to the customer zone, click the account tab. In the left bottom corner, there is a link to remove the account.


How could I recover my password to my user account?
Follow this link to reset your password: CLICK


You haven't found the answear to your question? Please contact us.