Get Lost to be Found

City life might be very difficult and challenging. The speed of life increase more and more, so there is no time to realize ourselves. That`s why sometimes we just need to stop and think about way we live, even if it`s happening just in the middle of rush hour. We need to get lost to be found! With my image I tried to introduce the idea from above. I show rush and dynamism of a city with blurred cars and people. And the guy on top of the subway station symbolize my main idea. I`d also like to show some parts of my modeling and shadering process with few images. In most cases I try to do most of shadering as much simple as possible (just flowing PBR principles), however some of stuff in my project might worth your attention. Overall I can`t say that work on this project was hard. I was inspired from very beginning of the project until the end, so the whole process was very cheerful. Hope you`ll enjoy it! Softaware: 3D MAX,Corona Renderer, Photoshop Some credits for models and textures: Evermotion, 3dsky artists (kolbasnikov, RUSTTM), AZYZ people, Friendly Shade


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