Shinbashi, Tokyo

Around two years ago when I started working in archviz I found this post on Ronens page and was amazed by it: https://www.ronenbekerman.com/making-go-home-late-tokyo-2007/ Today I feel I can tackle such a difficult scene myself and so something similar will be the subject of my entry. I found a great flickr account with beautiful photos from Japan by Trevor Dobson: https://www.flickr.com/photos/trevor_dobson_inefekt69/ which will serve as my moodboard and inspiration source. Specificaly I'd like to mention this shot: https://www.flickr.com/photos/trevor_dobson_inefekt69/35818361493/in/album-72157684803115714/ I found the location on google and currently I'm starting with the modelling part. I will try to have a more or less similiar composition as in the shot that I linked above although I plan to change some elements in the scene and also go for a different mood. The uploaded picture is the current state of my work. Good luck everyone! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update 01 Basic modelling for the buildings is more or less done. It's around 20 buildings which is maybe hard to see in the screenshot and which I hope will be enough for the scene but that will show when I start rendering. Next I will model the road and sidewalks and then apply some textures and render a couple sketches that I'll then post here too. After that I plan to start to model the details. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE 02: Godzilla! This current WIP is a 30 passes render and then 5 minutes post process in Lightroom Classic. I got this idea to put Godzilla in as the scene takes place in Tokyo so this would be a fun take on the subject. Just another day in Japan with giant monsters walking by. Later I'll try to add people fitting this idea. I got the Godzilla model from sketchfab. User クロ | Kuro is the author of it. Everything else is modelled and textured by myself in 3DS Max. I use Substance for all my materials so I can custom make and adjust them so that they match the reality. Rendered in Vray. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE 03: Different lighting. More details in and unfortunately Godzilla had to go away. The shot wasn't thought for him in the first place and so it didnt really fit in my opinion. Lighting HDRI only (3D Collective) and Lightroom for post. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE 04: Last update before final. Changed the proportions of the picture. Back to overcast lighting and trying out yet another color scheme. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FINAL: Modeled almost everything myself in 3DS Max besides the bottle crates and paper lanterns which I downloaded from turbosquid. Rendered in Vray. All materials are made with Substance Designer except from glass. I either made them myself so they match reality as close as I could get it to or adjusted materials you can find on Substance Source. Trees are from Maxtree and the plant next to them is from Megascans. I used Photoshop for postproduction. Good luck everyone, this was fun!


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ken2887507:18:15  |  14-01-2019
Awesome renders. Very photo-realistic. Best of luck!


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