Hi, I am Shadman Zaman, Dhrubo from Bangladesh. I am an architect by day & CG Artist by night. I have a passion for Archviz. So, when I saw the "Challenge 2018, A day in the city" online, I had to participate even though I have a busy schedule. The core idea of my artwork is to focus those people without whom our city and civilization could not be built. In my artwork I focused a Janitor who gets up very early in the morning and cleans the city everyday so that we can live in the clean city. In my opinion he is the hero without a cape. In this artwork, I used Sketchup for modelling the city, Speedtree for modelling a specific tree, Substance designer for generating high quality textures, Vray for rendering and finally Adobe Photoshop for post processing. Some of the models were downloaded from 3D warehouse.


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ken2887503:11:46  |  16-01-2019
Great work. I love sketchup. Good luck!
Dhrubo15:04:49  |  18-01-2019
Thanks a lot :)


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