Challenge2018/ Topic:A day in the city

A day in the city Hello friends/ i will explain about my work for you (A day in the city) My concept and my idea about creating this work,had 2 reasons :first is about somethings which have effects in our life.the same as :Technology,Science,Population and Industry.I have show their relationship in the first picture.the second reason for creating this work come back to my feels about this kind of street which has a heavy feels on the people who are in the street.that it show the changes us so distinct.for example you think ,you should walk at street which has alots of bridge ,before it be enjoyable it is so terrible. I have used 3dmax software,V-ray3.60.03 and Forest Pack Pro V6.1.2 plugin and AutoCAD2018 , Ps soft ware The first picture(WIP)is about my idea for this caption The second (WIP)is about starting of this project(modeling) The third(WIP)is about lighting And the final picture is the final render and postproduction I should tell that i have model the building but i have used objects from some company the same as :lighting(Evermotion company,Arch model162)/ cars(were in VizPeople company,vol 1)/texture(Arroway Texture)


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ken2887517:41:44  |  15-01-2019
Wow, awesome work! Best of luck!


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