A Day In Osaka

Cities in Japan have always had a unique charm due to variety of building styles existing in close proximity. From the narrow and neatly organized streets, to the bursts of natural beauty weaved in. I decided to create a street scene inspired by one of the most iconic cities in Japan, Osaka. I love the vibrant color, hearty street food, and modern architecture. I gathered reference images and did a mash-up to capture the right vibe. In terms of lighting, I wanted to make it warm and uplifting, like a hot noon in summer. In order to make the composition more intriguing, instead of composite photos of people, I decided to add some animal characters to lead the eye flow to the vanishing point which gave the scene more depth. The sky and the cats are photographs. Software: Maya, Zbrush, Vray, Substance Painter, Mari, Speed Tree, Photoshop Credits: Doves modeled by Basil_Frash, Bikes modeled by Petoboso and Kanal3d, Cat by MAtt Bebouge Photography. Textures: Most textures purchased on Responsible for the rest of the modeling, texturing, lighting and post.


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