nobody's home

"the city after oblivion. nothing is more like before, nature has taken the place of the people who lived there, few of us have remained." for the "A Day in the City" contest I imagined a transposition of the activities that people usually do in a city but revisited in post-apocalyptic where shopping has become the search for food, the house a shelter for a night, living has become survival .. I wanted to emphasize the city with the modeling of some very vertical, very detailed buildings, eaten by nature that is taking over where humans are small elements (I hope you see).. I hope you like it, I leave you some details: Made with 3dsmax 2018 + Corona Render 2 + Photoshop CC + nik software on a machine equipped with i5-4570 24 gb ram. The scene has 76.573.016 poly without considering the 37 forest. and several particle flow there are no kitbash everything has been modeled from scratch. Unfortunately for the poor performance of my computer I could not make it bigger (8000x4000 was the format thought at the beginning to be able to perceive all the details ..) Render 1 buildings + human + trash + trees in the foreground + fog / smoke 24h Render 2 vegetation + low-poly buildings 46h Render 3 ivy + low poly buildings 9h here the tif file


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barbarosevin22:15:52  |  18-01-2019
Good luck :)


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