A Day In The City

After a while thinking about the concept for this challenge I came up with the idea of telling a story about someone who enjoys sitting in a street cafe having a great day. The view is the persons perspective seeing a busy city street in downtown with shops, cars and people heading their way. This city should be an organic grown town that has its old historical quarters accompanied by modern architecture with typical looks of modern cities. The person is drinking a glass of wine or a cup of coffee ... making a pause from reading a story titled "A Day in th City"... Ron I added the composition grid and a bunch of pre-renders, to show the process of production. Lately I was busy tweaking materials to get the look that I am after. Software used: Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Affinity Photo Models used: Evermotion, Kitbash3D, Mixamo, Self-made modles Textures used: Octane,, Substance Designer


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ken2887507:26:27  |  14-01-2019
Very cool renders. Best of luck!


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