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1. EVERMOTION S.C., 8 Przędzalniana Str., 15-688 Białystok, Poland is the Administrator of your Personal Data (APD)

2. Data Protection Inspector can be reached through e-mail:

3. Your personal data are to be processed on the basis of art. 6 section 1 letter a, b and f of RODO in order to:
a) prepare, conclude and execute the agreement and for other purposes approved by you,
b) to execute the legitimate interest like marketing of products and the agreement, claim assertion or defence against claims resulting from the law regulations.

4. Entities entitled to the reception of your personal data may be the authorised public bodies; mail providers; providers of the services covered by the agreement; responsible for debt recovery, keeping the archives, document utilization, legal consulting, technical services, IT services and accountancy.

5. Your personal data shall not be transferred to the third country, nor to the international bodies.

6. Your personal data shall be processed within the period of the agreement and upon your additional consent until you withdraw it. APD shall keep the data for the period of any civil law claim execution connected with the agreement.

7. You have the right to demand an access to your personal data, to correct or to delete the data if there is no other basis for the processing or any other purpose of such processing or to limit the processing of the data, to transfer the data to another administrator and to raise objections to the further data processing if there is no legal basis for further processing and to withdraw any previous consent.

8. You provide the personal data voluntarily, however they are necessary to conclude the agreement. The refusal of providing such data may result in the refusal of the agreement conclusion.

9. You have the right to lodge a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Office when in your opinion the data processing violates the regulations of General Data Protection Regulation of the 27 April, 2016 (RODO).

10. Your data will be automatically processed, including the form of profiling.
11. You are obligated to forward above mentioned information to your representative, especially if you appointed this person in the agreement as the contact person or as the representative for the agreement execution.

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Evermotion Challenge 2021 - Work-Life Balance


We invite you to join Evermotion Challenge 2021 - "Work-Life Balance".The theme of this year is work-life balance and you can treat it as broadly as you want. It can be a visualization of an office, home, home-office, it can be a commentary on the current situation of employees in the world or just a visualization of an ideal place to work and live. You have two months for creating this art.  And the prizes are nice - we listed them below. Good luck!

Deadline for submitting your final work is 7th of December, 2021!

Join Evermotion Challenge 2021!


1th Place: approx. 7881 euro

  • Evermotion: €1000 in cash, 5 Evermotion collections of winner's choice
  • iCube R&D Group - MultiScatter, MadCar 3, CityTraffic – € 760
  • Annual V-Ray Collection - € 629
  • Fox Renderfarm - render credits (worth $600)
  • Corona Renderer - 1 year license (€ 289,99)
  • Rebus Farm - 700 RenderPoints (worth € 700)
  • Topogun Single License (worth $100)


2nd Place: approx. 6275 euro

  • Evermotion: €750 in cash, 5 Evermotion collections of winner's choice
  • iCube R&D Group - MultiScatter, MadCar 3 – € 400
  • Annual V-Ray Collection - € 629
  • Fox Renderfarm - render credits (worth 400 USD)
  • Corona Renderer - 1 year license (€ 289,99)
  • Rebus Farm - 500 RenderPoints (worth € 500)
  • Topogun Single License (worth $100)


3rd Place: approx. 4798 euro

  • Evermotion: €500 in cash, 5 Evermotion collections of winner's choice
  • iCube R&D Group - MultiScatter, VrayPattern – € 350
  • Annual V-Ray Collection - € 629
  • Fox Renderfarm - render credits (worth 300 USD)
  • Corona Renderer - 1 year license (€ 289,99)
  • Rebus Farm - 300 RenderPoints (worth € 300)
  • Topogun Single License (worth $100)


1st, 2nd and 3rd award:

  • 2 Evermotion collections of winner's choice to each winner
  • Fox Renderfarm - render credits worth 200 USD to each winner
  • Corona Renderer - 3 months license (€ 74,97) for each winner
  • Topogun Single License (worth $100)

This year your works will be judged by:

Nina Marie - is a New York 3D Artist with a BFA degree in Photography.  She has studied several different mediums of art, including painting, ceramics, 3D modeling, photography and web design.  Nina has worked for several design agencies and had her work featured on Time's Square billboards, shown on TV, won multiple awards, and was showcased on Evermotion's site.  She is fluent in sculpting in Zbrush, building hyper realistic scenes in Cinema 4D and Octane, and creating characters and creatures from scratch.  When she is not working, Nina enjoys building PC's from scratch, editing travel vlogs, writing on her vegan food blog (, and hiking.  Nina currently works as a Senior CGI Artist at Design Bridge, a global design agency based in NYC.  Her style embraces a dynamic approach that takes the ordinary into the extraordinary.



square_Untitled_02101.jpgHrvoje Cop - Polymachine - (commonly known as Chopmeister) is a 3D artist, obsessive tinkerer and the CTO of Polymachine, an archviz studio from Zagreb, Croatia. In the archviz business since the early 2000s, he enjoys discovering new ways to solve technical problems, and is addicted to most things that feature LEDs and buttons.         





Michał Horba (Evermotion) - Degree in architecture and urban planning mixed with passion for 3d - during my university times I discovered the most fun part for me was making the project look great. And so my journey began. Ten years of experience as 3d generalist shows that my main interests are architecture illustrations and material making. I am responsible for some of Evermotion's crazy scenes as well. It is a honor for me to be here, have fun!

Register now, you can submit your work at any time till 5th of December2021!  (you can submit your work to 5th of December 2021, 23:59 (GMT +1)

Join Evermotion Challenge 2021!Good luck!

Evermotion Team



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The electricity of Fox Renderfarm's green data center is all generated by wind and water power which is natural & clean, it will do no harm to the environment. The data center is located in the district where the climate is dry and the temperature is extremely low all year round, so it's not necessary to use an air conditioner for cooling most times. The average PUE of our data center is under 1.2 which means the energy-saving ability is highly effective. Every time you use Fox Renderfarm for rendering, you made contributions to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.



iCube R&D Group brings together leading  Russian 3d visualisation companies to develop and provide cutting edge and affordable tools for 3D visualisation industry. Our team is made up of highly qualified programmers and 3d artists who work together to bring 3d visualization into a new level. Our recent developments include VRayScatter for Maya, AutoWrinkles, MultiScatter, MadCar, CityTraffic, VRayPattern and SplineLand.



Your trusted CPU & GPU render farm with more than 14 years of experience, that supports all major 3D applications and plugins. Thanks to the RebusFarm Software, the render farm integration in your workflow is as easy, as if you would render on your own computer, just remarkably faster. The Rebus Render Farm is energy-optimized and runs on green power which makes the service sustainable. They offer a TeamManager tool for studios and teams to facilitate their cooperation. Their support team is available 24/7. To get started with the Rebus Render Service, use their 25 Euro free trial to test the service without obligations. You may also want to check their student & volume discounts of up to 60%.




Corona Renderer - Corona Renderer is a new high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer, available for Autodesk 3ds Max. It features an intuitive user interface and unmatched state-of-the-art, fully featured interactive rendering. Corona Renderer delivers predictable, reliable, and physically plausible results with no compromises in quality. Our mission with Corona Renderer is to liberate users from the technical, unnatural process that rendering was in the past. We are constantly trying to simplify the creative process by removing or hiding any unnecessary technical settings, so artists can focus on their vision.



Chaos Group creates physically-based rendering and simulation software for artists and designers. Founded in 1997 in Bulgaria, Chaos Group has devoted the last 21 years to helping artists advance the speed and quality of one of their most important tools. Today, Chaos Group’s photorealistic rendering software, V-Ray®, has become the rendering engine of choice for many high-profile companies and innovators in the visual effects and design industries. Thanks to the great work of the V-Ray community, V-Ray-created designs have become nearly inescapable for everyone with access to a TV, computer, or movie ticket. For more information, please visit and




TopoGun is a stand-alone resurfacing, and maps baking application. The resurfacing functions in TopoGun will help you modify and/or recreate the edgeflow of your digital 3D models. The maps baking functions, will help you bake various types of texture maps from your high resolution 3D models and then allow you to apply them to your newly created optimized meshes. These texture maps contain information that will help you recover the appearance and features of the original high resolution mesh.