About us

about us

We are a team of cg professionals based in studio in north-eastern Poland. More than ten years ago we decided to establish Evermotion – a company that will not only make 3d content, but will also establish an unique link with cg community, providing learning resources for computer graphics artists.

For more than decade we’ve been creating stunning 3d models, scenes and complete environments for architecture, games and movie industries. Always reaching for the best possible quality, creating still images, animations and VR experiences.

Thanks to our huge and ever-expanding models and scenes library, counting more than 12 thousands assets, we are able to work fast on each kind of projects. Besides that, our skilled cg artists make custom assets in accordance with client’s guidelines.

Our environments and models are present in numerous architectural and game trailers for the biggest AAA companies in architecture, cg and games industry. We were cooperating on projects with IKEA, Platige Image, Plastic Wax, LUG, Xal and Akitipe Studio among others.

We’re capable to deliver 3d content for all main 3d applications, from 3ds Max, through Maya, Cinema 4D to Unreal Engine.

We’re aiming for photo-realistic quality which comes with the great attention to details and countless hours of experience.



ul. Przedzalniana 8, 15-688 Bialystok, POLAND