The Desert House

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Concrete slabs fill the long plates that crosses this project, in the middle of a hard, sandstone desert. You know what is my favourite part of creating a scene? The landscape. Sculpting the terrain, adding rocks, bushes, rocks formations, pebbles, cactus... I like to paint it in my head as an open canvas. You start layering it, adding detail, displacement. When you start getting your first results, it's very fullfiling and satisfying. Concrete. Brutalism. And my signature move when it comes to architecture: overlapping plates. These are just a few concepts applied on the Desert House project, and in this specific scene, I wanted to experiment a element that many find disturbing: a black pool. Hope you like it :) Instagram: Behance: Website:

Software: 3dsmax Sketchup Corona Render and Photoshop

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BrunoMesquita BrunoMesquita
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