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You may want to read Guide to Evermotion Galleries first.


  1. Forum Users' Awards contest is performed on Forum Users' Awards Page
  2. Forum Users' Awards contest has two weeks cycle.
  3. Voting for each work will last for two weeks since its submission.
  4. The winner will be chosen from the works which voting has ended in the specific two weeks period.
  5. The winner will be the author of the work which collected the largest amount of votes.


  1. The winner will be awarded with one Evermotion collection (worth €120). The volume will be chosen by winner.
  2. The reward (Evermotion Collection) is covered by Evermotion Products License Agreement.
  3. The winner forum profile will be badged with "Forum Users' Award" badge:



You can enter the Challenge by fullfilling ALL following terms::

  1. You need to register on
  2. Publish your work in a new thread in one of the galleries of Evermotion forum (Visualization Gallery, 3d Gallery, 2d Gallery, Game Art or Animations)
  3. Click „submit” button in „forum contest” box and check I agree with "Terms and condidtions” box

After acceptance by moderator, the work will be published on the challenge site and the voting will start.


  1. The work you submit to Forum Users' Awards must be your own personal work.
  2. Every work can be submitted for the contest only once.
  3. Groups and companies are allowed, but you must be authorized to publish the work.
  4. Your work can be done in every 2d or 3d technique and may be a still render / picture or an animation.
  5. The resolution of submitted image should be not lower than 1000 px (the longest edge).
  6. You can submit as many different works as you want for every edition of the challenge.


  1. Only registered and logged in users can vote
  2. Every voter can vote each day for unlimited number of works. Voter can vote again for chosen works the next day, giving max. 14 votes on every work during two weeks.


  1. Works submitted for the challenge can be used for promotional purposes of Evermotion site.
  2. Evermotion agrees to clearly credit the artist if any of his artwork is used.
  3. Violations of the rules of fair play will result in exclusion from the challenge and / or blocking user account.
  4. Evermotion has the right to change the rules at its own discretion.

Got questions? Want to report infringement? Use CONTACT page with "FORUM QUESTIONS" tab selected.



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