Scado by Zoltán Koncz

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An older project from work, about 3 years ago. I was always fascinated by the idea behind this architectural design...of course at the time we did this, there was not enough time, to make it look "right"-so i decided, i'll give it another try :) Thanx 4 the opportunity to work on this beautiful project 4 Damian Jdanoff, owner of the Virtual-Architekts office in Dresden. Comments and critics most welcomed :)


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jcbonilla14:18:29  |  22-03-2010
i only can say marvelous. congratulations
luisfcardoso23:47:31  |  23-03-2010
Very nice image. Good dynamic and lighting. congrats.
BoSelecta13:29:03  |  21-02-2011
Great renderings, the colours are very complimenting.


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