Evermotion VFX: visual effects division

Evermotion VFX is a visual effects, CG environment and character animation company based in Bialystok, Poland. The company was born from a natural evolution of Evermotion project-worldwide known main architectural visuallization studio and  one of the largest CG resource and 3D education sites. We have been recognized for our creations of CG environments and vast architectural 3D model libraries. We have provided special effects and CG environments for many clients, among others: Al Jazeera, Platige Image, Plastic WaxVisual Noise, Akitipe Studios, Aggresive TV, Whirlpool, Bulky Pictures.

The company has been gaining experience since 1998 and already established its position on the CG market. As a creative company, we know that the true force comes from artists. Thats why we build our studio basing on talented team - people who love graphics and create every pixel with true passion. That passion allowed us to provide the most spectacular visions of our clients.
Evermotion creates advertising, entertainment and branded content. Our creativity is a new breed driven by passion, with multidisciplinary skills that enable us to take a project from concept to completion, using whatever approach works best for the story being told.

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  • ul. Przedzalniana 8, 15-688 Bialystok, POLAND