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    NOX and Cinema4D how?

    I've downloaded NOX but i can't export any scene files and Nox can not import *.c4d files.
    What did I do wrong?

    Pleas help.
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    Plugin for Cinema 4D has not been released yet. We are planning to give it to you with next release or - if time let us - sooner. Fast guide has to be written. But a few words can be already told about it.

    Plugin is created for Cinema 4D R14. Integration was made very minimalistic, actually you don't need NOX to create and export scene. No special NOX objects were created except for exporter. And yes, scenes can only be manually exported.

    Material system was created in a way that standard Cinema materials should be used and features used in NOX corresponds to Cinema equivalent, for example texture used in Color channel would be used in NOX as Refl0 channel tex in lambert layer (rough=100). Unfortunately we can't have NOX renderer preview.

    Not all features NOX use were implemented in exporter. But those you can't export, can be set or in NOX itself. All should be clear more or less once we make a tutorial.
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