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    Jun 2004

    House O - Jun Igarashi Architects


    I would like to introduce my recently finished personal project visualization of the House O - Jun Igarashi Architects. I've decided to keep previous assumptions started by Matsubara project House in Matsubara - Ken’ichi Otani Architects. My main goal was again to check entire possibilities a new version of NextLimit Maxwell renderer software. I was trying to achieve realistic mood with simple but interesting for me modern building of the japan architecture. I was playing with light, mood, weather and season. Every details of the whole scenes were created in 3D. I done final touch in 2D like colour corrections, contrast, final colour mood. I worked on that project about three months. All scenes were rendered from one to four PC machines. I know that many effects like steam, fog motion blur falling leaves for example it's simple to make with postproduction but as I said before I wanted to make all of those effects in pure 3d scene. There are a few workflow details below:

    - most of terrain materials have a displacements ( ground, tarmac, kerbs, pavement )
    - every moving objects like flying insects, falling leaves were made as moving objects and rendered with Maxwell object motion blur option. This part of my work was very interesting experience
    - diffraction, fog, steam and volumatrics were rendered by Maxwell. Only few little glow effects ( expecially on last image ) I made by maxwell too.
    - DOF - Maxwell
    - most models taken from Evermotion, Viz People and CGAxis 3D collections

    Software used: Modo 701, Cinema R15, Maxwell 3.0, Photoshop, Lightroom, Red Giant Looks.

    Please watch a short film below which shows few scenes from that project .
    Thank you for viewing!

    Best regards

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    May 2007

    Another masterpiece. Nothing to criticize, SO MUCH to learn from. One can almost feel the rain and smell the earth. BRAVO!
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    Dec 2013

    woaa congrats
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    Feb 2010

    good mood too.
    large tree lacks realism, remaining perfect.
    I love your mood too. thanks!
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    Jul 2008


    it must be awarder right now )

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    Apr 2010

    amzing work...........i like the colors , effects & lights congrats
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    Dec 2004

    Another amazing work Neb! Nothing else to say! Congrats!
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    Jun 2004

    Thank you very much for nice and inspiring comments. Thanks for front for Evermotion Team!
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    Woah! Cool set you got here!
    Loved the moods and lighting, especially the lighting feel of nightfinal.jpg, the fog and light just came out perfect.
    Never worked in maxwell before, but this inspired me to give it a try!
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    Feb 2006

    Stunning work!
    Very well composed and believable atmospheres. Maxwell's DOF and lens flares seems pretty good.
    Your work inspires us to think different, good luck!
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    Jan 2011

    HI Neb

    Awesome work

    just want to know something how do you display your trees like that in c4d ?

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    WOW..the details are perfect..the effects..are perfect...method and approach to reach the outputs perfect....then why the hell is this not in "best of" already?

    you deserve it man...have seen your work from initial have come really far.all the best and keep inspiring.
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    Jun 2006

    Awesome Renders, very realistic indeed. Truly inspiring.
    To Nitpick, I would say the broom should have been less saturated green (maybe little muddy?)...Nevertheless the scenes are brilliant.
    Keep coming.
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    Jun 2008

    very good work, congratulations
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    Oct 2011

    Firstly, utterly amazing work incredible realism. I was wondering if you could share some information about how you made that black wood material. I understand you used Maxwell, but I think maybe I could learn something from it to take over to Vray.
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    Mar 2007

    Amazing work ! The mood is beautiful !

    Btw what kind of light did u use for the night render ? Also could u give a small explanation about the fog too ?

    Keep going !
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    Jun 2004

    So many nice words from you. Thanks!
    mcp - I guess that you asking about cinema scene preview window. Big trees and medium bushes are exist into my scenes as maxwell xref objects. You can choose how they are visible - like boundix boxes or points. In making of animation they are like visible as points with green color. Thats all.
    tman5487 - thx! Building facades are painted metal not wood. I modeled bumpy stripes as 3d and set main color material. After that I add dirt textures and use them also to mask reflection channel in right areas.
    Trikatelles - I was playing with maxwell light intensity system. I set main hdr sky light and a few plane objects as emitters with different colors. Fog was a great maxwell volumetric option and that effect was rendered. Please stay tuned I'm goimg to post short film today about that.
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    May 2010

    I am speechless. we need some hint on the road generation. The grain of the asphalt is so realistic. full of particles!
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    Really nice work ! Great details. Love it.
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    Jul 2014

    this is a realy beautiful work, and i realy enjoy it. keep going on!
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