Architectural compositing: Camera Match
written by: Mateusz 'ma+' Stolarski


Many people have a problem with  compositing new object with a photo. In this short tutorial i`ll try to explain how to do it useing one of the 3ds MAX tools - CAMAERA MATCH.



First of all we have to prepare a photo that we use. To assign correct perspective we need 5 points in 2 dimentions. 4 points which belongs to first plane and one point which belongs to secound plane.

Now we can import our 3d model into the scene and setup our photo as perspective viewport background (Alt+B).

Because we have to work very accurate, the best thing at this time is hide all 3d object except those 2 walls that we need to 'camera match' (right click > hide unselected).

At this moment we can put 5 cam point ( Helpers > Camera Match > CamPoint ). It is very important to do it with 'Snap Toggle' option = ON. We have also remember about right sequence.

When we create campoints we can assign them into the right position on our photo. ( Utilities > Camera Match ).

First of all we have to select CamPoint (i use edit > 'select by name' option), than swich 'USE THIS POINT' on, swich 'ASSIGN POSITION' on and finally click on a background in a position when we want campoint be assigned to. We repeat this five times.

After assigning all 5 CamPoints into the photo all we have to do is juts click 'CREATE CAMERA'.

important note: it is really possible that in this point you get the camera that not match with your photo. It means that you created your campoints which don`t belongs to one plane! just delate them and create one more time cerfully!


Now we have right camera perspective. Finaly we can start working with our materials, lights etc.

After that all we have to do is useing some graphic program (like photoshop...) to compound oryginal photo with our rendering.  

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