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Making of Evermotion Challenge 2014 winning scene by Tamas Medve.

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate all of  the participants as well as the winners!  In addition, a big "thank you" to the judges and the Evermotion team for their hard work! It was really good to see those many different approaches and creative ideas, and I hope to see the same high standard next year.

This short tutorial is going to show you the main steps in creating the image called "Caribbean Tongue".

References, sketching and brainstorming:

I would like to talk about this phase a little bit more and I will try not to bore you guys. I want to share with you some thoughts that I have had in my head for a while. Maybe some of you will not agree with me...

Lots of people ask me what my "trick" is. 

And most people think that the magic is in the settings or in Photoshop. That's not true! The magic is in your head...
I think everybody has it - it's just that they don't know it or simply that they do not understand it yet.

The secret is not in the shaders or in the HDRI setup, not even in the settings. For all of these things you can find tons of tutorials on the internet and you can learn easily. Honestly, I have no idea how to set-up an HDRI sky. Really! What is important is more like a right and a honest concept that portrays your project in the best way. A building of itself is nothing... It's surrounded by other buildings, people, nature and climate... if you take care of these things, people are going to believe that what they see in your image. It can produce feelings and emotions as well. Because it feels natural!
I'm quite new to the industry. I don't have 10 years experience, not even 5, so maybe I'm wrong but I have a theory. Today's arch-viz is more about making 3d scenes and not making images. People get lost in unnecessary details...

I think the key to making good images is searching, experimenting and sketching! A good composition is worth more than the rendering of a good looking grass :).


Click on image to enlarge nr_01_References_520.jpg

I spent two weeks with observing the competition and collecting references.


Click on image to enlarge nr_02_Sketch_521.jpg

A quickly made sketch in Photoshop to see the composition and lighting how working together.


Click on image to enlarge nr_03_Lighting_and_Camera_setup_506.jpg

Lighting and camera setup. I used a Vray sun with a dome, using an HDRI jpg in the texture slot.


Click on image to enlarge nr_04_Lighting_and_Phoenix_FD_test_507.jpg

Lighting and Phoenix FD sea test.


Click on image to enlarge nr_05_Phoenix_FD_setup_508.jpg

Phoenix FD setup.


Click on image to enlarge nr_06_Modeling_Steps_509.jpg

Modeling stages.


Click on image to enlarge nr_07_Assets_01_510.jpg

I used ghost town and some small pre-made Evermotion houses to create the city in the background.


Click on image to enlarge nr_08_Assets_02_511_1.jpg

To scatter the vegetation I used multiscatter and adv.painter for it. Collections that I used: ipalms, itrees, ibushes.


Click on image to enlarge nr_09_Assets_03_512.jpg

Some small model assets. For the rocks I used the rock generator script for max.


Click on image to enlarge nr_10_Perspective_view_513.jpg

Perspective view.


Click on image to enlarge nr_11_Material_water_buoy_514.jpg

Material of the water and buoy.


Click on image to enlarge nr_12_Material_mountain_515.jpg

Material of the mountain.


Click on image to enlarge nr_13_Material_cliff_516.jpg

Material of the cliff.


Click on image to enlarge nr_14_Render_settings_517.jpg

Render settings.


Click on image to enlarge nr_15_Raw_Render_518.jpg

Raw render.


Click on image to enlarge WIRE_Caribbean_Tongue_HD.jpg



Click on image to enlarge nr_Caribbean_Tongue_HD_519.jpg

Final image

Post-production breakdown:

Thanks for reading and I hope you found some useful tips in it!


Author: Tamas Medve Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: evermotion challenge tamas 2014 Medve carribean
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victorious301011:49:34  |  16-12-2014
nothing to say great! Thank you.
kileonid12:43:04  |  16-12-2014
Nice work
noodleluff14:38:20  |  16-12-2014
Nice one Tommi. And as somebody who has been lucky enough to work along side Tamas, I can honestly agree - he has no idea how to set up a HDRI.... Alain
Alexis Martinez17:44:41  |  17-12-2014
My god.....
ajaipk18:15:27  |  19-12-2014
Very good work Tamas, and thanks for inspiration.
rashadco08:32:32  |  20-12-2014
Brilliant job !.. The sea is great
architect.aliqais09:29:13  |  13-01-2015
tricky and very intelligent


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