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Winter morning in the village. Tutorial for 3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop.

This tutorial was made by Cihan ÖZKAN. Visit artist's site:

In the beginning, my objective was to create an avenue hosting old buildings in a rural area. I wanted to set forth a winter scene, the early hours of a morning with plenty of snow and a sense of warmth radiating with the lights of the houses. During my work, I utilized the software Autodesk 3d MAX, V-Ray and Adobe Photoshop. The work took about 2 to 3 weeks. This can be described as a work that I made for recreation, by utilizing the leisure time I had between my daily routine works.


Click on image to enlarge 00_nr_1468_1100_01484.jpg

From the internet, I started to examine related pictures and I particularly focused on the elements of snow, the piling effect created by the wind and the accumulation of snow on trees.



Click on image to enlarge 01_nr_1469_1100_01483.jpg

Usually, I draw small sketches for buildings. These form a basis that I use during the modeling process.


Click on image to enlarge 02_nr_1470_1100_01491.jpg

Afterwards, I start to create my model by drawing Box from 3dMAX basic objects.


Click on image to enlarge 03_nr_1471_1100_01490.jpg

At this stage, I utilize the flexible tools (Extrude, Bevel, Bridge, Chamfer) offered by Poly Modeling.


Click on image to enlarge 04_nr_1472_1100_01489.jpg

After roughly forming the buildings, I start trying compositions by gathering them in a single scenery, and in this way I complete my works in broad strokes.


Click on image to enlarge 05_nr_1473.jpg

In order to emphasize on the accumulation of snow on tree branches and trunks, I used the particle system offered by 3d Max.


Click on image to enlarge 06_nr_1474.jpg

While modeling the icicles on the eaves, I once again used poly modeling tools by taking the basic box object as basis, and later on I obtained the result through Turbo Smooth and Noise.


Click on image to enlarge 07_nr_1451.jpg

I used similar modeling methods also for the streetlights, electric poles, the sitting bench and the other descriptive model pieces.


Click on image to enlarge 08_nr_1452.jpg



Click on image to enlarge 09_nr_1453.jpg

In order to create the terrain, I used Mesh Displace implemented on Plane. This tool has provided me with ease and flexibility particularly in creating the footprints on the snow.


Click on image to enlarge 10_nr_1454.jpg

Wire render state of the scene.



The samples of some of the materials I used in my work can be seen below.


Click on image to enlarge 11_nr_1455.jpg

Snow material.


Click on image to enlarge 12_nr_1456.jpg

Wall material.


Click on image to enlarge 13_nr_1457.jpg

Glass material.


Click on image to enlarge 14_nr_1458.jpg

Ice material.



Click on image to enlarge 15_nr_1459.jpg

For general lighting, I used HDR image in combination with Vray Dome Light. The lighting effect created through HDR helped me in imitating the sunrise in the morning.


Click on image to enlarge 16_nr_1460.jpg

In order to provide the interior lighting effect from the buildings, I used orange Vray Plane lights.


Click on image to enlarge 17_nr_1461.jpg

As for street lighting equipments, I used Vray Sphere Light.


V-Ray Camera:

  • f-number 5,0
  • vignetting 1,2
  • white balance Neutral
  • shutter speed 200
  • film speed ISO 100

Click on image to enlarge 18_nr_1462.jpg

V-Ray Camera settings.


Click on image to enlarge 19_nr_1463.jpg

Render settings


Post production

Click on image to enlarge 20_nr_1464_1100_01485.jpg

Render final state.


Click on image to enlarge 21_nr_1465_1100_01484.jpg

Photoshop adjustments. Glow effect was applied on street lamps.


Click on image to enlarge 22_nr_1466_1100_01486.jpg

Color correction.


Click on image to enlarge 23_nr_1467_1100_01483.jpg

Final state.

Thanks for reading!

Cihan ÖZKAN. Site:


Author: Cihan ÖZKAN Editor: Michal Franczak
Tags: 3dsmax winter exterior
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Abdemirkir11:08:16  |  20-10-2014
Elinize sağlık çok güzel bir çalışma olmuş.
3D_Animator13:10:37  |  20-10-2014
arslan5714:18:50  |  20-10-2014
Tebrikler Emeğinize sağlık güzel bir çalışma olmuş.
artofillusionist16:15:07  |  20-10-2014
Amazing and idyllic winter scene!
archi12319:05:53  |  20-10-2014
Thanks :)
xspace creative08:10:09  |  21-10-2014
Wow. Thank your very much for this detailed making off. Absolutely great work! Now I am prepared for the winter season. :)
ermanyuce08:36:03  |  21-10-2014
Really Amazing. Good work and thanks for tutorial.
eferaldo04:19:18  |  22-10-2014
very inspiring! thanks for tutorial!
Vizcatz10:32:18  |  22-10-2014
Thanks a lot for sharing this very fine tutorial. I have been into CGI since 3D Max V/2,5 and at that time, there were no tutorials, we had to learn all from books. I hope you accept I share this toturial in my Google+ group "3D Max for beginners ( ) Thanks again for sharing, Best regards Michael Peters
Vizcatz10:33:21  |  22-10-2014
I am sorry - I think the link were wrong :-(
sofron13:09:44  |  23-10-2014
okmijun00:34:20  |  24-10-2014
Excellent tutorial!
Piash07:44:13  |  30-10-2014
Will u please tell me what was the min and max value for the adaptive image sampling of the final rendering? Excellent work by the way... (y)
jatupol02:27:35  |  01-11-2014
Excellent tutorial Thanks :)
never1991_no107:34:22  |  11-11-2014
Alaadeen6415:10:22  |  20-11-2014
man ur the best :) i like so much ur work
idaro19:13:46  |  20-11-2014
Very nice work!
smebt22:03:09  |  28-01-2015
preston12:48:46  |  06-04-2016
thanks bro nice work
fede438311:59:32  |  13-12-2016
Really nice!! I would really like to see the Paarticle System setting for the snow
dorcasmelda10:31:34  |  21-02-2020
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