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Hamed Hosseinpour presents here his project making of.

First of all - the final render:

my_green_villa_sm.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

Inspiration : This is a simple practice of terrain design inspired by the Falling Water (Frank Lloyd Wright) the most powerful design in organic section and Stark Villa from Iron Man 1.

2.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)


The main building model is simple (created with wall and box geometry and edited as editable poly).

3.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

I used rock generator script for create the rocks . It is simple work - just press "create" and control the form with FFD box.

4.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

To make terrain I used paint deformation in editable poly. I used push/pull and controlled the value and size.

5.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

To make railings I used Railclone plugin. I created the line with snaps.

6.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

Trees and plants in this scene are from Evermotion Archmodel VOL 58 and Trees Russia bushes 29_01_09.

7.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

Next, I made proxy for my work. I used very powerful plugin for it (itoo Forest Lite 3) and converted my tree to proxy. To create a proxy You can use the V-ray proxy or some other plugin, there are many of them.

8.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

For grass I used the advanced painter script. You can see first I made the vray proxy (grass) and then opened advanced painter script and selected it. I wanted to paint with it so I selected the paint and scattered the grass. It's important to pay attention and to make 3d max orientation higher, like 90.

9.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)


Concrete is VrayblendMtl. I used Vraydirt for it.

10.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

Wood and glass:

11_1.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

Ground and rocks

12_1.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

13_1.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)


In this scene I used a vray sun only.

14_1.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

For interior lights I put 3 photometric lights and changed the color mode to halogen warm.

Remember to activate the area shadow in vrayshodows params.

15_1.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

The shot was rendered with the use of Vray camera.

16_1.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)


I used an irradiance map and the light cache. My PC is based on core i7 930 and rendering time was about 1 hour.

17.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

I recommend to use color correction in the frame buffer window. This way You can control all curves, shadows and exposure.

18_1.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

Post work

I added volumetric light for my scene in PhotoShop. This is how I created it.
1. Create a new layer, fill it with dark color
2. Change opacity and create long rectangles
3. Go to filter > blur > motion blur and change the angle of them
4. Change the layer mode to screen and set the opacity to 25 %
5. Use eraser tool to remove parts that are not necesarry

19.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)
20_1.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

21.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

22.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)
I used the magic bullet photo looks 2 (plugin for PS cs6). After that, I selected filter > sharpen > unsharp mask and made the render sharper.

23_1.jpg(Click on image to enlarge)

Final render:

24_1.jpg(Click image to enlarge)
Born in 12 aug. 1990 in iran
Facebook :



Author: Hamed Hosseinpour Editor: dr_After
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