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Hi Evermotion! My name is Andrew Averkin and I want to show you Making of Spider.

Possibly you will expose something new on your own. I hope you like it. Initially I wanted to do animation of mechanical insect. I began work not thinking about which one insect I going to do. In the process of modeling I saw that insect look turns out like a spider and then I decided to do finished work. I was needed the pictures of different mechanical clock, details, cog-wheels, and also instruments of watch-maker. I began to search of pictures in the web and after a few hours of search I collected necessary to me information.



For creation of the spider I used 3D Studio Max. I began work from the modeling of joint of spider. Modeling was very simple, I used simple shapes as line, circle, ellipse, ark and other and then connected them, cut, extrude while did not get a necessary to me result.

Then I created small details, screws, cog-wheels and connected them in a general form. Step by step I created the leg.

When a lag was ready I duplicated leg and did something like foundation and then I made central part with sphere which changed with Editable Poly.



Environment of spider I did by simple primitives and also with Edit Poly. In end-point I got near one million polygons for a spider and about one and a half million polygons for all scene.

I used texture from the collection collected by me. In texturing I did not used Unwrap UVW, in texturing I used simple planar, box, cylindrical mapping because there were not difficult objects in the scene. Some textures I've created in photoshop, for example picture in the book.

The main task for me was to do the correct properties of materials suitable for this scene, especially materials of metal, because there is very much of him.

For lighting I chosen Vray. I wanted to create feeling of presence of spider in a small room. I used one large source Vray Plane, which was the basic light, something like window. Also I used HDRI map for GI environment and reflection environment, what create reflections in metallic details and also interesting atmosphere. In properties of Vray I used adaptive subdivision image sampler, for Primary bounces I took Irradiance map and Light cache for Secondary bounces.

So, final render was ready. For correcting image I chose Photoshop. I did some color correction and then I decided that I need somehow to select a spider. For this purpose I render ZDepth channel, what create focusing on a spider and make DOF effect.

Smoke, going out from overhead I did with FumeFX, and then put him from above basic layer in the multiply mode.

I used glow effect what do picture not such bright and more washed out. Also I used vignetting effect and chromatic aberration what make picture looked more realistic.

Big thanks to all, hope you like it!
Author: Andrew Averkin
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Lioxa01:52:45  |  01-08-2009
prikolno slavnaja rabota!
KO3RBKA10:38:03  |  11-08-2009
...very nice, Andrew =)
19:24:40  |  25-08-2009
interesting work, nice...
amenk09:09:58  |  26-09-2009
Wow.. I like it...
aswizal15:37:35  |  22-06-2010
Oğuzhan20:26:56  |  11-10-2010
got to a question for you to work with merhaba.Öncelikle basarılı.Ama renderini this project can I learn which program you are doing? a little bit about
awaismalik121:50:20  |  20-07-2011
Nice work Good
Hennie09:01:47  |  28-07-2011
Thank u very much!!!!Amazing work,Fantastic scene!!!!would you be so kind to send me the scene file?please.!!!henniezzz@hotmail.com
amartin21:06:18  |  20-08-2012
what version the 3D studio use?


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