Hotel Palace 5+

Walid Layouni 2008-08-22 00:00 tutorial  > 3ds MAX  > rendering

Tutorial by Walid Layouni






Name: Walid Layouni
Country: Tunisia
E-mail: nospam

Author: Walid Layouni
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David_R17:26:22  |  17-01-2012
Hi everyone, i just want to know where i can get this tutorial in high resolution, because i want to know how i can illuminate the chandelier they way he did, i am new with this software and i stock :( King Regards, David Racca
Mona amini17:32:16  |  25-04-2012
Please send me a copy of file Max (save archive) thanks alot
rosemarin12:17:44  |  10-05-2012
5 star job well done WALİD LAYOUNİ.I wish I can
ibnelgnoub17:12:28  |  11-06-2012
Please send me a copy of file Max (save archive) thanks alot
Neo18:15:12  |  13-06-2012
Give please complete scene. Thanks.
Abl.m00:55:30  |  16-06-2012
excellent.hands down.
SandyDonald08:46:19  |  18-06-2012
would you mind give me this scenario! thank u
JiaWei199504:15:13  |  25-12-2012
Give me a document Thank you
hisham_elkaaki08:39:59  |  08-04-2013
Please send me a copy of file Max or Picture in high resolution . thanks for you
hisham_elkaaki18:06:51  |  11-04-2013
hankl14:49:06  |  11-06-2013
Very nice! Can you send me a copy of file Max (save archive) to Thanks a lot !
harikrisha17:01:50  |  25-11-2014
can you send this model to me my mail id if you send i will improve my study this is humble request this my email id : send it.
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